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Junior Sailing at CSTC 2021

What a season we are having at CSTC! We have lots of new recruits trying out Sailing on Carlingford Lough. The RYA have completed a recent study highlighting the benefits of Sailing for young people. Through their research they have identified the following:

  1. Creativity

  2. Teamwork

  3. Determination

  4. Communication

  5. Independence

  6. Confidence

While delivering our courses we get rewarded in seeing our Junior Sailors grow and develop to have respect for their instructors and also each other. They work together to get the equipment on and off the water while participating on the session planned for the day. One of the main attributes of Sailing at CSTC is social and friendships. The friendships and bonds created and developed at CSTC are memories for life.

Our Irish Sailing Courses provide our Sailors with life long skills and life time memories. Having completed our initial three weeks of Sailing Camps we have seen lots of progress through all of the groups. Our Taste of Sailing participants to our Advanced Boat Handling Participants we have noted continuous learning and up skilling including some lovely rudderless sailing that would put some instructors to shame! This past week they sailed to Rostrevor beach to enjoy lunch. A fantastic experience for them all!

Good Luck to our very own Instructors Annie and Conor McVeigh and member Lucy Ives who are taking part in the Connaught Laser Championships this weekend 17th & 18th July at Wexford Harbour Boat and Tennis Club!!

At CSTC we have been delighted to facilitate Sailability for groups of kids requiring additional needs with SNAIL & SNAP volunteers and parent volunteers. We have received fantastic feed back. All of the kids have participated in the activities and have got onto a Sailing Boat. They have had a ball. We love introducing Sailing to everyone and the benefits we see are delighted happy children. We are half way though our first term and they have signed up to do it again which speaks for itself. Thank-you to the team at CSTC and also for our members Jacob Dunleavy and Aaronn Donnelly for helping out with the volunteers to make this a success.

Ivan and Leonne

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